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Overview: Written Computation

Purpose of the Written Computation Sections

Each Written Computation section—Whole Numbers, Decimals, and Fractions—presents four problems for students to solve. These problems provide a snapshot of students’ skills with paper-and-pencil procedures.

We’ve chosen problems that address students’ typical difficulties and common errors. For example, with Whole Numbers, students subtract across zeros and solve a division problem that has a zero in the quotient.

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics recommends a “balanced combination of procedures and understanding.” Together, the results from the interview and written computation give you a way to measure students’ strengths, weaknesses, and needs.

Guidelines for Administering

In contrast to the Interview section of MRI, students complete the Written Computation sections independently, either before or after the Interview. It may be easier to have all students complete the Written Computation at the same time.

Written Computation Worksheets

Click a PDF link below to open a written computation worksheet.
Whole Numbers