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Guidelines for Interviewing

Preparing for the Interview

  • Print question cards and make sure they are in order.
    Question Cards: Whole Numbers, Decimals, Fractions
  • Have paper and pencil available (for Whole Number and Fraction interviews).
  • Arrange the area for the interview so the student is not looking at the computer screen or distracted by other students or materials.

Beginning the Interview

When you begin an interview, read the suggested introduction or revise it to fit your needs.

Watch Marilyn introduce two interviews:

Amelia: Introduction

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Amir: Introduction

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Asking the Questions

  • Follow the script
    Please read each question exactly as it appears on the screen. This ensures that you'll receive the most accurate results.
  • Allow wait time
    Students often need time to collect their thoughts. Sometimes it's helpful to ask the student to think out loud.

Recording the Answers

Select the appropriate response in the “Answer” section.

  • Correct
    The correct answer is always shown on the screen.
  • Incorrect
    Record the student’s incorrect answer in the field provided.
  • Self-corrected

    Students who answer incorrectly may self-correct when explaining. When this occurs, select

    Watch examples of students self correcting:

    Jennifer: 3 − 1.9

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    Alan: 15 + __ = 200

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  • Did not answer

    If the student does not answer after sufficient wait time, ask, “Would you like to skip this problem?” and then select Did Not Answer.

    Watch an example of a student asking to skip a question:

    Sergio: 12.6 × 10

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Asking Students to Explain

After the student gives an answer, whether Correct or Incorrect, read the follow-up prompt. (“How did you figure out the answer?” Or, “How did you decide?”) If the student’s explanation is unclear, ask the student to explain again.

Watch an example of asking a student to repeat her explanation:

Amelia: 100 − 18

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Selecting Explanations

Writing Notes

Use the “Notes” field to record additional information about students’ reasoning strategies, misconceptions, or errors. This is optional, but can be helpful for informing your instruction.